Complex Human Behaviour Lab

Data-informed statistical modelling of individual and collective human behaviour


Human Mobility

Statistical characterisation of the spatio-temporal patterns of urban and inter-urban mobility. A line of research aimed at the development of individual and collective models, and the prediction of future travelling behaviours to quantify the effects of incentives toward a more sustainable mobility.

Online communication & infodemics

Statistical analysis of online social activity. An ongoing effort aimed at identifying the structural and functional characteristics of online communication networks, and how these properties might influence pathological behaviours such as the circulation of news of dis-informative or mis-informative nature.

Urban transIt & sustainability

Studies on geometrical and dynamical properties of cities, analysing the multilayer, temporal and spatial networks describing urban infrastructure. Focusing in particular on the sustainability challenges associated with the coupled growth of urban areas and multimodal transportation systems.

Social complexity & cooperation

Analysis and modelling of human cooperative behaviour, and associated proxies, in support of the development of Artificial Intelligence systems able to promote positive behaviours by harnessing the emerging properties of complex societies integrating both human and artificial agents.



Twitter: @chub_lab

The Complex Human Behaviour Lab (CHuB) is a Research Unit included in the Digital Society Center of Fondazione Bruno Kessler.