Riccardo Gallotti



Interdisciplinary physicist, with research interests ranging within complexity science, computational social science, and data science. Prior affiliations: 



Lucila Alvarez-Zuzek

Postdoctoral Researcher

Interdisciplinary physicist focused on mathematical models to study human social behaviour using network science, statistical physics, and computer science tools. PhD at National University of Mar del Plata (AR), 2018. Currently, her research is focused on Cooperative AI frameworks and their application to complex systems.


Enea Mauri

Postdoctoral Researcher

Theoretical physicists always willing to explore new topics. After a PhD from Utrecht University (2022) on applications of the gauge/gravity duality to the study of strongly interacting field theories, I am now working on quantum algorithms for complex systems and efficient simulations of quantum many-body systems.


Andrea Guizzo

Postdoctoral Researcher

Interdisciplinary physicist on complex systems. PhD at University of Parma (IT), 2023. I focused on mathematical models to study urban mobility using network science, stochastic processes and computer science tools. Currently, he is involved in the PNRR HPC National Center Spoke 9 "Digital Society & Smart Cities".

Kaveh Kadkhoda

Postdoctoral Researcher

My research analyzes and models social media information and misinformation to improve well-being, and I am a member of the AI4TRUST project, where I collaborate with over 50 researchers across Europe.

Thomas Louf

Postdoctoral Researcher

Interdisciplinary physicist, somewhere in between complexity science and computational social science. In other words, I like to use simple models to uncover mechanisms behind the patterns I observe in social data. Got my PhD from the IFISC (Spain) in 2023.


Anees Baqir

Postdoctoral Researcher

Interdisciplinary computer scientist with bias towards computational social science. I try to use network science and computational methods to study misinformation and polarization dynamics on social media platforms. I did my PhD from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (2024).


Oriol Artime

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Barcelona

Physicist and complex system scientist. PhD at IFISC (UIB-CSIC, ES), 2020.  I use tools from network theory, statistical physics and stochastic processes to better understand and characterize complex systems. Always ready for innovative and interdisciplinary projects.


Valeria Mazzeo

Independent Researcher

Physicist specializing in Complex Systems and Network Science, particularly applied to socio-economic systems and social engineering. Completed a PhD at the University of Catania (Italy) in 2022. Currently, her research is focused on studying the diffusion of false information and the activities of bad actors using complex network analysis, agent-based models, natural language processing, and machine learning.



Sebastiano Bontorin

PhD in Physics, UniTN

Physicist by training, now interested in networks and complexity science applied to human mobility and urban systems. Also interested in the interface between deep learning and complex systems.


Alberto Amaduzzi

PhD in Physics, UniBO

Physicist by education, my research focus on Urban mobility. I am specializing in data analysis while preserving a fondness on the theoretical aspects of the problem I face.

Giacomo Barzon

PhD in Physics, UniPD

MSc in Physics of Data at the University of Padova, currently pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience at the Padova Neuroscience Center. My main interests regard the study of brain criticality and controllability.


Anna Bertani

PhD in Information Engineering and Computer Science, UniTN

Graduated in Data Science. I am interested in analysing social dynamics through data and network science. I am working on misinformation, political polarisation and collective attention in online social systems.


Veronica Orsanigo

PhD student in Information Engineering and Computer Science, UniTN

I am interested in analyzing cultural and social dynamics by exploring the overlap between network science and Natural Language Processing.


Ulysse Marquis

PhD in Maths, UniTN

Currently proceeding with my final project in CHuB on the study of human mobility networks. Broadly, interested in problem solving, from the creation of the model to the computation of the solution.



Antoine Houssard

Visiting PhD

PhD candidate at Center for Internet and Society (CNRS, FR). I am interested in computational social sciences and more specifically in platform dynamic and online behaviour. 


Luigi Arminio

Visiting PhD

PhD Candidate in Computational Communication Studies at the IT University of Copenhagen. Holds a BA in Sociology and an MSc in Data Science. His research focuses on understanding social media's polarization and communication dynamics using Network Science and NLP.

Elisabeth Stockinger

Visiting PhD, ETH Zürich (CH)

I investigate tools for fairer information flows online. My experience includes autonomous systems and artificial intelligence, data science and software engineering as well as media technology and design.

Beatriz Arregui

Visiting PhD, IFISC (ES)

Graduated in Physics. I am interested in understanding the emergence of social phenomena from the network science and complex systems perspective. I study how structural properties of networks influence the information processing in social and ecological systems, with a particular focus in epidemic spreading.


Yasmine Houri

Visiting PhD

PhD candidate in Sociology at Institut Polytechnique de Paris, CNRS (France). I study the social processes underpinning inaccurate or harmful information sharing on social media, using a range of computational tools in network and data science.



Aurora Vindimian

MSc in Mathematics, UniTN

Master student of Mathematics, focusing on applied topics, data analysis and especially social network science.


Laura Bisoffi

MSc in Mathematics, UniTN

With a mathematical background and a focus on data science, I'm exploring social interactions and voting models in network science. My goal is to understand polarization and misinformation through analysis and quantitative methods.


David Alejandro Altamirano

MSc in Physics of Data, UniPD

Physicist with a hard computational background. I'm a second-year master student at University of Padova and currently in CHuB I'm studying urban mobility and congestion reduction using evolutionary game theory.


Alessio Pitteri

MSc in Physics of Data, UniPD

Interested in Complex Systems and Neural Networks. I'm studying how to simulate and control the dynamics of interacting systems that exhibit self-organization using Reinforcement Learning.


Francesco Salvi: MSc in in Computational Science and Engineering, EPFLThesis: Sparks of Superhuman Persuasion: Large Language Models Beat Humans in Online DebatesUntil: March 2024
Dragos Ioan: MSc in Physics- Dept. of Physics, UniTN.Thesis: Adsorption on complex networksUntil: March 2024
Byambakhishig Ganbold: MSc in Computer Science - Dept. of Information Engineering and Computer Science, UniTN.Thesis: Multimodal emotional analysis of the conversation around climate change on YouTubeUntil: December 2023
Matteo Scianna: MSc in Data Science - Dept. of Mathematics, UniTN.Thesis: Block and Ring Vaccination Strategies on Complex NetworksUntil: November 2023
Giada Dal Col: MSc in Data Science - Dept. of Mathematics, UniTN.Thesis: Analytical properties and statistical inference in ranking dynamics.Until: October 2023
Arsham Ghavasieh: PhD student in Physics, UniTN.Thesis: Statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics of highly interdependent systemsUntil: October 2023
Steven Brown: MSc in Applied Physics - Dept. of Physics, EPFL.Thesis: Emergence of inequality from resource fragmentation.Until: September 2023
Petr Gela: BSc in Engineering Informatics, Mendelu University, Brno (CZ)Interniship: Spatial characterization of POIs in metropolitan cities.Until: September 2023
Alessandro Cortese: MSc in Data Science - Dept. of Mathematics, UniTN.Thesis: The COVID-19 Infodemic on Twitter: Exploring Patterns and Dynamics across CountriesUntil: July 2023
Stefano Viel: MSc in Computer Science - Dept. of Information Engineering and Computer Science, UniTN.Internship: Mining federated social mediaUntil: June 2023
Gaia Colombani: MSc in Mathematics, UniTN.Thesis: First-passage properties of growing Self-Avoiding Random Walks with and without resetting.Until: December 2022
Andreas Baumgärtner: Double MSc in Physics, UniTN & University of Tübingen (DE)Thesis: Study of human urban mobility networks during the COVID-19 era in the USAUntil: December 2022
Giulia Dalle Sasse: Master's student in Data Science, UniTN.Thesis: The rhythm of lockdown: its influence on Twitter user's activity and misinformation spreading. Until: September 2022
Alessandro Canevaro: T.I.M.E. double degree program: MSc in Control Systems Engineering, UniPD and MSc in Computer Science and Engineering, DTU (DK).Internship: Feature-based bond percolation in complex networks.Until: August 2022